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 EST 2010
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The Winter Woodlot Tour


The Official tour began in 2010, evolving from events for woodlot owners organized by the PEI Model Forest (Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities) Program. It was Wheatley River, Hunter-Clyde, and the PEI Model Forest that began the Winter Woodlot Tour; the Central Queens Wildlife Federation joined the organizing team in 2014, and the Trout River Environmental Committee joined in 2020. The site of the tour changes every year, alternating between the four watershed groups involved. The site for the Winter Woodlot Tour typically falls on privately owned agricultural and forest land, showcasing the diversity of Island resources from farming to forestry and recreational activities. Attendance has grown over the years, from roughly 400 in 2010 to over 1,200 in 2017. This annual event is intended to give Islanders a taste of what our forests can do for us, both as a sustainable resource and an important part of our Island environment


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